How about enjoying a green tea while shopping?

There have been numerous studies, although I think they weren’t needed, which revealed that going shopping is one of the favorite activities of women. How about enjoying a green tea while shopping?

Shopping and enjoying a coffee or green tea with a friend. Why not combine them? How about leaving aside the cooking and cleaning for a day and with a packed lunch box go shopping? A cup of green tea and plenty of good moods for a perfect day. Let’s make it our day, without shopping lists and just go, have fun and try on everything. It is great how calm and quiet we feel sometimes while shopping and how seriously we take them other times.

Shoe stores, clothing stores, full of colors, floral, heeled sandals, purses, and things for the home, everything you can imagine. We planned on visiting all shops in the mall one after another. At noon, a little tired but ready to recharge our batteries with positive energy for the rest of the day, we sit quietly on the grass and enjoy our meal in lunch box. Of course, armed with spray against mosquitoes.

File:Green tea 3 appearances.jpg

This time of years it is a must if you want to be able to wear a skirt or a dress any time soon. It’s so hot outside, but the wind is blowing through our hair easily and we feel free and ready to fight anything after a day as beautiful as this. Without the lunch box and the revitalizing green tea we would have certainly been exhausted by now. But now we can afford to go on as if we just started the day. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? No working, no worries, just a girly day off. We have enjoyed the most of it and we recommend to you to do the same. Enjoy ourselves with the best affordable basic remedies.