Where to buy Matcha Green Tea in Los Angeles, CA 90057

Where to get matcha green tea powder in LA? Here, get enzo organic matcha on yo.urenzo.com/product-category/matcha/ or visit us at www.amazon.com/l/10222418011?channel=syoutube with Satisfaction or Moneyback Gaurantee Made with love Source from the best, our farmers has been with growing matcha for over decade each has their ways of treating the crops are part of life. Some sing to the plants while picking them others whistles, but all dress our plants for pure precision and deep care.The shade-grow green tea leaves are then carefully stone-grilled and grind into 1000 mashes so tiny it can pass through 1000 holes per square inch, making our tea not only easily mixed but also easily absorbed by our body. Enhances sense of Calmness Boosts Overall Memory and Concentration Increases Energy Levels and Endurance Burns Calories and Detoxifies the Body Fortifies the Immune System Improves Cholesterol Levels USDA Certified Tested for Lead – Safe to drink Fairtrade Matcha vs Superfoods 6.2 times more antioxidants than Goji Berries 7 times more antioxidants than Dark Chocolate 17 times more antioxidants than Wild Blueberries 60 times, More Antioxidants than Spinach 2852 Zimmerman Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90057 #enzomatcha #amazonprime #lamatcha #matchalosangeles #greenteainla #californiamatcha

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