Why to use prep meal containers

Meal prepping is a huge component of living a healthier lifestyle by only using prep meal containers . Allowing yourself the time to meal prep will tremendously help you with your busy weekly schedules. I have found that I stick to my diet a lot better when I have all my meals prepped for the week. This also helps me budget and save money. Going out to eat may not seem like a lot but when you add it all up you could have bought a week’s worth of groceries. Also, by meal prepping you are creating everything yourself so it is healthier than eating out. Even when you think you are eating healthy at a restaurant odds are you aren’t because there are extra added factors such as oil that we are unaware of.


I begin my meal prepping by writing down recipes that I want to make each week. After I pick out the recipes I want to make I write down all the ingredients on a list. I then go to my kitchen and cross off anything that I already have and don’t need to purchase at the store. Then I write any items that I need on my grocery list. I also make sure that I have enough plastic containers to store all of my prepped meals. After my grocery list is complete I go to the store to purchase everything. I have found that prep meal containers has saved me a lot of time at the grocery store as well because I don’t have to think about what to buy. After you have all the groceries purchased you are ready to start meal prepping.
I start meal prepping the meals that take extra cooking time. That way I can have a meal cooking while I am starting to cut vegetables or meats for another. It also sometimes depends on which ones need the oven or the stove. After I have the ingredients laid out and the recipes in order of first to last I start cutting up the ingredients. I focus on cutting for a few meals at a time so I can quickly start mixing and baking. Then you just simply follow the recipes until all of your meals are prepped for the week.

After the meals are done cooking I portion them out into plastic containers. I usually use containers that have dividers in them so I can fit all components of the meal in one dish. While portioning the meals I also create labels to put on the containers. This way I know which meals are for which days. After everything is labeled I lay it all out in my fridge so it is grouped by the day of the week. Meals that will go bad quicker I put towards the beginning of the week. Take a chance with prep meal containers!